End-users and stakeholders panel

The CYBERLEGs Plus Plus “End-users and Stakeholders Panel” advises the Consortium along the entire duration of the Project on critical issues of the development and assessment of CYBERLEGs Plus Plus prototypes related with its final usability and acceptance.

Innovation management panel

The CYBERLEGs Plus Plus “Innovation Management Panel” (IMP) will ground the design and development of the CYBERLEGs Plus Plus technologies on the solid awareness of the major potential barriers to their adoption on the market. In particular, the IMP will: (i) systematically identify innovation arising from the project and its potential for use in the healthcare sector and investigate on possible use in other sectors; (ii) analyze and highlight all the barriers (e.g. regulatory) and obstacles to the transfer of innovation; (iii) appropriately protect the innovation; and (iv) define the proper strategies to reduce and overcome the barriers and to favor the transfer and adoption of the innovations.